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CG Clips

The following page contains a collection of personal CG clips. The work presented here is the results of  experiments, quickfire art pieces or just the result of a part of my own self development.

Traversing Tendrils (2016)

To make use of my shiny new Linux setup - I thought I'd get creative and have some fun with some simpler FX. Straight forward setup that took probably around 10 hours of my time to setup the shot and composite once rendered. Render time was around 26 hours in Mantra for a 240 frame sequence with 3D Motion Blur and Depth of Field.

As always I made sure to put some effort into showcasing a breakdown and some a nice audio piece to finish it all off (credits to Mmoths - For Her (Max Cooper Remix)


Melting Man (2015)

An exploration into the processes involved in controlling Houdini's FLIP fluids creatively. This project helped me better come to terms with FLIP's viscosity implementation and the process of managing POP attributes using volumes. Prior to this I had only really approached attribute propagation in the SOP context, and was happy to find a way of still being able to that - but take that over to DOPs. Particle Count: Around 1.5 million

TouchDesigner - Audio Triggered Particles (2014)

This is one of my first fully complete Touchdesigner effects. Being  similar to Houdini it really didn't take long to get the hang of it. Im excited to learn more about this amazing real time FX tool! For this example - Particles are emitted and forces are applied all based on the intensity of the music. Boxes are then copied to the particle points. Various grades and blurs are added along with a custom swimming 2D displace effect making it look more like a 3dimensional image. Finished in AE with just a hint of grain and some letterboxing animation.


Lego Lookdev (2013)

Short version - I made an animated object out of Lego!

Long version - I used an object volume to define a selection within a volumetric divided box primitive (looks like a maya lattice). All points recorded outside of selection of the the object volume were deleted. Changes to the object also defined the size of the original box and by use of expressions I was able to retain uniform subdivisions of the box. A simple lego asset was created, copied to the remaining vertices of the box primitive. A global controller was then added to control the division of the box - which acted like a global resolution scale. Asset scale was also connected via expressions to this resolution control to ensure they retained scale,alignment and fitting. Finally it was all packaged up so I can plug any geometry into the network and viola... Lego!

Ocean Observations (2012)

So here are the fruits of another session of Houdini exploration. My goal was to basically recreate a simple layered deformer to create a ocean swell effect. From this I then added some tessendorf style displacement for detail and really got to work on tuning a water shader till I got what I was after. Will eventually look into improving the deformer, adding foam, splashes, wakes and wetness on the objects in the water. For now onto the next time...

Particle Play (2012)

So I have been once again exploring Sidefx Houdini over the last few weeks. Such an wicked 3D package. Going to try and post bit's and pieces I've been playing around with to keep it going :) First Up - POP's (Particle Operators) driven by object based forces. Copied metaballs to the particle sim and added a customised SSS Shader to boot. The result is blob's transforming into a secret object!



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