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Music Production

I have a huge passion for sound and music and have a dedicated DAW studio. Unfortunately thanks to a busy everyday life, it does not see as much use - but every once in a while I do find the time to tune out the world and express myself through music. The following is a collection of mixes and tracks I have produced.

DJ Mixes

I have been mixing music for about 20+ years now. I started out with Psy-trance on belt-driven turntables, I progressed up to Hard German Trance and played at various gigs and festival throughout NZ. Moving to the UK it transitioned to a wider range of genres, allowing me to play in venues ranging from beach clubs in Montenegro to Newcastle's very Digital nightclub for events like Godskitchen. I'm fairly low key these days, however, still enjoy producing a very high-quality standard of mixes. Below is a selection from the last 10 years or so - that captures my DJ experiences through that time.

Revilo Mix Series | Deep down ( 2018)
First up for my Revilo Mix Sessions I present a mix exploring deeper sounds of house music.

Structured with a variety of both fresh releases as well as established tunes, this mix transverses sub-genres with both popular charting tracks combined with the lesser known.

Harmonically mixed with meticulous attention to quality and structure cause that's how I roll.

Herceg Novi (2010)

Herceg Novi is a mix that spans a range of house sounds with elements of violin and sax, funky and vocal house pieces before pushing into the harder edge of peak time evening sets. Although I won't be anywhere near Herceg Novi this summer, It was my part of my movement into these types of sounds and sums up what I would be playing if I was. I'm sure this mix will find its way though and have a drink for me!


10 Years| Aniversary Edition ( 2009)

Not just mixed harmonically (using musical keys), but every track has been edited and even remixed in someway by myself - layers of keyboards and soundscapes fused together to try and create a moment. I have also left it very dynamic. Overall quality has been paramount - mastered for headphone listening.

In The UK Mixes| March ( 2009)

As part of my ongoing exploration into more progressive sounds, here is a mix that explores a range of sounds bridging various genres, collectively as a journey in a style demonstrated my one of my biggest inspirations in mix production - Sasha

Summer Samplers | Into the Sun ( 2008)

Classic Summer Dance mix album put together to promo within Montenegro in 2008.

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