The following page contains my most current showreels from over the years. Enjoy!

Revilo MDS Showreel (2017)

This reel showcases just some of the great projects I have had the pleasure of being involved in during my time at MDS from 2009 to 2016. All  VFX work was done by our talented students under the supervision and direction of my colleagues and I in timeframes ranging for 11 to 22 weeks.

Wheelman Showreel (2009)

Showreel showcasing a variety of my work on Midway's Wheelman Project. Camerawork and Cinematic design, Animatics, Previsualistaion, Lighting, Motion capture acting and direction, Animation, Grading, Dynamics (where applicable), Tool Development, Compositing... I had lots of fun!

Revilo Showreel (2008)

A short reel showing some of my more tasty pieces as of the begining of 2008 while under NDA the time working on a larger project - Wheelman. A good portion of this was my student reel.