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Being the proud owner of a Fuji x-t3 brings some additional benefits beyond Photography. The camera is also an exceptional unit for filming. I figure therefore while I may not have any narrative work to explore - filming elements for reference and sharing that with my fellow artists sounds like a fun thing to do. I present here my first bit of recent reference I was able to shoot in a unique setting. Both clam and rough open ocean from a comfortable perch. I have uploaded the footage to Youtube as you can see above, but also host HQ 4K masters on Gumroad. You can drop us a gold coin and download 12.8gb of Footage.

Hope you can find some use for this and future material's that I will be making available.

Linux provides a performance OS environment that is very well suited to VFX work. You can expect 20% performance gains at times simply by changing the operating system. It is also more stable and very usable for your day to day activities too. For that very reason I've put together a simple series of tutorials on how to get a system up and running, and performance some configuration. Click here to purchase this set of tutorials!

All the best, Ollie

Welcome to the first in my revilo3d tutorial series! It's a simple tutorial, catering well for beginner to intermediate 3d artists with some basic Houdini experience and interested in a glimpse into Isotropix's Clarisse. Let me know what you think!


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